Do you really not have room to label that?

cave painting
cave painting
Uhh…Emu hunting? Friends list? Ea-nasir owes me fine copper ingots?

People have been confused by unlabeled pictograms for over 10,000 years. I am not the first person to write a version of this article. However, despite 2021 being several thousand years after the invention of written language, modern applications are still swarming with naked, unlabeled symbols.

Do people understand unlabeled icons?

No. We can dive deep into user research to tell us this, or we can simply take a look around us and honestly admit how often we ourselves are confused about icon meaning. If you’re reading this, you likely work in UX, or at least in a field related to tech. …

Making job searching slightly less awful

I’ve recently spent time exploring various job boards, so it’s a perfect opportunity for me to attempt to channel some of the drudgery of job-searching into a positive output. Join me as we improve job boards!

Let’s take closer look at LinkedIn Jobs specifically, because it’s large and popular. Here is what it looks like at present:

The UI of LinkedIn Jobs
The UI of LinkedIn Jobs
LinkedIn Jobs circa 2021

Taking a look around at some competitors like Google Jobs, Glassdoor, and Indeed, we see very similar layouts . A column of job listings with information, a panel displaying drill-down information on the selected job, and an…

Jacob Michelini

Multi-field designer with a focus on UX and interfaces.

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